This official Earth Eternal update is copyrighted by Sparkplay Media. It is a direct quote from the Earth Eternal website. This update dates to:

18 December 2009

The Winter Dawning Fan-ANYTHING Contest!

What is Shroomie searching for? Maybe one of the cute and adorable Shroomie Plushies that just arrived in the Sparkplay offices? We’re giving away 25 of these oh so charming and adorable creatures in our first ever “Winter Dawning Fan-ANYTHING Contest!”


The rules are simple, submit a piece of fan-anything... fan fiction, fan art, youtube videos, poems, ANYTHING. The only catch is it has to have something to do with this year’s Winter Dawning theme.

The Sparkplay Media staff will pick their favorite pieces to be featured on the website and the winners will receive one of these darling Shroomie Plushies!

Charliebrown Tree

Go crazy with your ideas (We especially like to see youtube videos!). Send your pieces to CONTEST@SPARKPLAYMEDIA.COM and be sure to share them with your fellow community members here in the forums. Deadline is January 5th, after that we will pick winners and contact them to collect mailing addresses.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing your fan work!


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