Start NPC Druid Lorna
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver3Copper60
Repeatable No EXP 2421
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Time to Act Return to Grand Druid Lunast

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: The crypt is unlocked. I sent a scout inside to see what exactly is going on down there. His report is horror. The Thrornbringers have some kind of power source they are using to raise the dead. The inside of the crypt is crawling with the recently risen. Worse, it appears even old King Wilhelm has arisen! The central part of the crypt is where we must strike. A powerful mage named Jengal is there overseeing this atrocity. You must kill him and steal the power source. We cannot allow this to continue!

Completion: You are safely returned. This gladdens my heart. Leave the destruction of this power source to me. At least the dead will stop rising, but there is more at work here.

Recommended Level: 14
Party Size: 1



  • Head to the Crypt entrance.
    • You may have to fight off the locals on the way or you could sneak round the tops of the rocks bordering Camelot Graveyard.
  • Enter the Crypt.
    • Jengal Narglor and the power source are on a raised platform to the south.
  • Once you have killed him and destroyed the power source exit the Crypt and report to Druid Lorna.

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