First area of Underhenge

Underhenge mini

Underhenge as seen on the minimap.

Entrance to Underhenge

The entrance to Underhenge with one of the Thronbringers already killed.

Underhenge is located south east of Stonehenge.. The entrance is surrounded by Thornbringers. There are normally 2 directly outside the entrance.

This dungeon does not have any quests that you must complete before entering, so feel free to jump in and hack away as soon as you arrive in Anglorum.

Underhenge is a low level instance, filled with level 14-16 NPCs.


List of all the mobs found in Underhenge.

  • Templar]]
  • Dweamorist
  • Briarbearer
  • Oracle
  • Priestess Claira
  • Cloakbearer
  • Fanatic
  • Alchemist
  • Sage
  • Disciple
  • Henge Slug
  • Sparkwing
  • Fleym
  • Bramblebane


<Loot list from the Dungeon Chest>

Found in QuestEdit

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