Start NPC Commander Ellis
Start Location Corsica
Reward Copper1
Repeatable No EXP 101
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Burn the Banners - SPM Original Reclaiming Seaside Quarry - SPM Original

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: I've received word that the Anubians have taken over the Seaside Quarry to the south and are forcing their Simian minions to mine the area for catapult ammunition.

Go speak with Lieutenant Geary at the Seaside Quarry outpost to find out how you can be of service.

Completion: Seaside Quarry has been overrun! We must take it back!

Recommended Level: 3
Party Size: 1



Head Southeast past Commander Ellis and go over the bridge leading to the mainland of Corsica.
Follow the path south until you reach a second encampment.
You'll find Lieutenant Geary opposite the sanctuary. Talk to him to complete this quest.

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