Start NPC Friar Tuck
Start Location Anglorum
Requirements Completed:Trouble in Nottingham
Reward Silver5Copper40
Repeatable No EXP 2968

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Ah yes! You there. If you are heading to the Deputy camps, perhaps you could liberate some of the stolen goods for us. Those thieves have taken supplies and food from everyone in the area. Simply taking some back would help those that are now living here. I mean, its really just stealing stolen goods... Hmm, is that still stealing? Could you do this?

Completion: You brought the supplies! Thank you so much.

Recommended Level: 18
Party Size: 1


  • Retrieve 4 crates of Stolen Goods. Stolen Goods
  • Return to Friar Tuck.


  • Travel to the Deputy Camps and retrieve four crates of Stolen Goods.
  • Return to Friar Tuck.

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