Start NPC Raji Redhoof
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Reward Copper90
Repeatable No EXP 352
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The Lost Journal Anglor Dren

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Yes, hmmm...indeed my notes and these samples do tell a story. I have my suspicions but I want to be sure. While you were gone I heard news of some sort of strange device in the woods south of Dante Manor, a short distance from Southend in fact. I want you to go there and investigate the device. Again be wary! I was told there are more strange and potentially dangerous creatures in the area.

Completion: Let me see that crystal. Oh hrmmm...This is exactly what I feared.

Recommended Level: 4
Party Size: 1


  • Travel to the Strange Device.
  • Investigate the Strange Device.
  • Take a Sickly Glowing Crystal from the device.
  • Return to Raji Redhoof.


Travel to the Strange Device.
The Strange Device is in a small valley surrounded by Quackatrice.
Right-click one of the smaller crystals around the Strange Device to collect it.
Note: You will likely need to kill off the Quackatrice before you can successfully collect the crystal.
Return to "Old" North Beach each.
Speak to Raji Redhoof to complete this quest.

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