Start NPC Worgram Wumpfist
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Requirements Completed:Raji the Mage
Reward Copper90
Repeatable No EXP 352

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Ah-ho! Hello there friend! Welcome to the Rusty Spoon! Best ale in all of Corsica...well normally! You see my last ale delivery went missing in a manner of sorts. They sent a new delivery chap from Southend and he got lost! Lost!? Well he ended out by the Old Dante place and claimed he was attacked by chickenbeasts of some kind! Chickenbeasts?!? Sounds like some fantasy tale to me! Matters not - what matters is he ran away leaving all the ale behind! I was only concerned about one special keg though. A special brew called Braga Brew! Great taste and also doubles as a cleaner for your blades! Good stuff! If you could head out toward the Old Dante place and find that keg of Braga Brew for me - oh friend I would be eternally grateful to you! Oh..hah! And watch out for those "chickens" - pfft!

Completion: There really were chickenbeasts? Well, hmm. I am just glad you found that keg. As promised here's your payment! Thanks again friend!

Recommended Level: 4
Party Size: 1


  • Find the lost ale delivery
  • Take the Keg of Braga Brew
  • Return to Worgram Wumpfist


The keg will be next to a rolled over cart and some Guineafowls in front of Old Dante Manor. The best way is to kill the Guineafowls and take the keg since you will be interrupted if you get in to combat when picking up the keg.

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