Start NPC Merlin
Start Location Corsica
Reward Silver1Copper13
Repeatable No EXP 494
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Speak to Merlin The Experimental Device (Part 1)

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Five hundred years ago, the moon was struck by a mysterious green comet. The comet cracked the moon and shattered into millions of tiny green shards that rained down on Earth. Strange new creatures have been discovered wherever these shards landed.

I would like to perform experiments on these shards to reverse their effects. Please search the Vile Grove and gather 5 Glowing Shards for me.

Completion: Excellent! I must begin my work immediately.

Recommended Level: 5
Party Size: 1


  • Gather 5 Glowing Shards
  • Return to Merlin


  • Head north into the Vile Grove and collect 5 Glowing Shards
  • Return to Merlin to complete this quest.

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