Start NPC Captain Nordington
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver4Copper73
Repeatable No EXP 2744
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Assaulting the Keep None

Note: There is no direct link to the next storyline quest, which can be found in Bath.
You might want to consider taking the sidequest "Travel to Bath" to fill in the gap.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: The last task I have for you is no easier than the last. In fact, you could consider it twice as hard!

North past the farm and across the bridge, is the main battlefield where we put our steel to the heads of those Avalonians. The battlefield is now flanked by two Avalonian camps, the bulk of their remaining forces. The easiest way to kill a snake is to cut off its head! In this case, heads! Each camp is lorded over by Avalonian captains; Rancor Grinwind, a mage of considerable ability, and Pernin Ayn, a druid with a dead-eye bow shot. Both should be approached with extreme caution.

Thus far you have proven your worth far beyond my expectations. If you choose to take this mission for me, I then offer you my greatest wishes for victory!

Complete: I will have to travel to Camelot and thank Arthur personally for sending you to me. You are a true soldier!

As a final reward, take one of these Recipes. We do not have many spare items these days, but if you can acquire all the items on the Recipe list, you can have a crafter in one of the towns create it for you!

Again, I thank you and wish you many more victories!


Recommended Level: 17
Party Size: 2


Reward ItemsEdit

  • Dire Fang
    • R, M
    • Small
    • Damage: 16-26
    • +6 Con
  • Daemon's Eye
    • M, D
    • Wand
    • Damage: 12-21
    • +4 Con
  • Crazed Monkey Fist
    • K, R, D
    • One Hand
    • Damage: 17-29
    • +6 Con
  • Beastial Flayer
    • K, R, D
    • One Hand
    • Damage: 17-29
    • +6 Con


Pernin Ayn can be found in the camp to the west of the Battlefield.
Rancor Grinwind can be found in the camp to the east of the Battlefield.
The easiest camp to approach is the western one, as you can get there by swimming, it is best to eliminate your target there first before the other.
Return to Captain Nordington when finished.

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