Start NPC Private Ryne
Start Location Bastion
Reward Copper23
Repeatable No EXP 119
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Welcome to Earth Eternal Anubian Scouts

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Look alive young beast! We're in the middle of a war

Speak to Sergeant Bors for your orders immediately! You can find him directly outside the gates of our outpost.

Completion: Welcome to the isle of Bastion recruit! The Anubians are attempting to take this territory in order to launch an invasion on the larger island of Corsica.

We cannot let Bastion fall! The people of Corsica are depending on us!

Suggested Level: 1
Suggested Players: 1



  • Step outside the encampment and find Sergeant Bors, the Tusken, standing just outside the gates. Right-click on him to complete this quest.

Sparkplay Media Release (Archives)Edit

The Anubian War - SPM Original

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