Start NPC Gaelon Scree
Reward Copper52
Repeatable no EXP 2317
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Spibears Everywhere: Meet with Gaelon Scree Spibears Everywhere: Ursarach
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Game Description Edit

Summary: Spibears! Everywhere! Blasted things seem to be popping up like weeds! First, I need you to go stomp out some of the local population. Kill twenty of them - that should be put sizable in their numbers.

Upon Completion: Well done! Now for the hard part...

Recommended Level: 24
Party Size: 1

  • Kill 20 spibears

Walkthrough Edit

Easy task just kill 20 Frightfang Spibear or Blightbiter Spibear after that return to Gaelon, you dont have to go to the marked area you can kill the Spibears around Gaelon.

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