Start NPC Lieutenant Geary
Start Location Corsica
Reward Copper27
Repeatable No EXP 106
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Fire the Catapults The Glowing Shards

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: A hero's work is never done. Archmage Ramses and the Anubians are not the only threat to our existence.

Follow the road to the southeast to the Mystics Camp in the Vile Grove and speak with Merlin. He is in need of assistance in battling a new threat to Earth.

Completion: Welcome to the Vile Grove. Things in the grove have been a bit strange lately. Stay awhile and listen.

Recommended Level: 4
Party Size: 1



  • Follow the path south until you reach another encampment.
  • Head into the camp and right click on Merlin to complete this quest.

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