Start NPC Barth Hallamule
Start Location Corsica
Reward Copper23
Repeatable No EXP 99

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Hello there friend! Ahead of you is the Southend Lighthouse. We built it over the ruins of the old tunnel leading to Earthrise. Lately there have been some strange noises coming from the tunnel, we worry that something terrible has moved in and taken over! Some of my friends went down to investigate but they haven't reported back. Can you go check on them? You may want to bring friends, this is a dungeon after all. 3 or more people would be best.

Completion: Thank goodness you're here friend! This was the first attempt to build a tunnel to Earthrise, but hard rock prevented us from going further. Years later, it served as a storage area for Southend. But lately it's become overrun by terrible creatures from the sea! Krusty the Crab has taken hold of Southend Pass and commands his creatures from the very end of the tunnel! You must do something!

Recommended Level: 5
Party Size: 3


  • Check on Lissa


  • Head to the tunnel and make contact with Lissa

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