Start NPC Robin Hood
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver1Copper62
Repeatable No EXP 891
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A Task from Robin The Sheriff of Nottingham

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: You found Faerie food in the deputy camps? Oh, this is terrible news. You see, the Faeries are always on the move up here in the north. They themselves cannot pass Hadrian's wall, but their influence is always felt to those up here. Some fall prey to the whispers in the night and become puppets to the Faeries' string pulling. Eating Faerie food is akin to signing your soul over to them! The Sheriff himself has always been a glutton. If he has been tainted directly by Faerie food, then there is no recourse, he must be put down. His will is not his own and we cannot allow the Faeries to seed this land with anymore dissent than they already have.

Return to Master Sergeant Illius and let him know what you plan to do. He will not stop you but, he will not aid you.

Once you have put the Sheriff out of his misery, return to me. It's a sorrowful task for me to ask you to kill another beast, but there is no other recourse.

Completion: Well met once more. You spoke to Robin, what did he say?

Recommended Level: 19
Party Size: 1



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