Start NPC Sir Lancelot
Start Location Corsica
Reward Silver1Copper35
Repeatable No EXP 698
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Houses on Fire! Travel to Earthrise

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Curse Archmage Ramses! We were unprepared for his attack on Southend. During the first wave of attacks, the militia here were caught off guard and many were taken prisoner. We must free them!

Kill the Anubian Jailors that guard the captives. This should give them enough time to escape.

Completion: Well done! While we may not be completely victorious over the Anubians today, this is definitely a large victory for those you saved.

Recommended Level: 6
Party Size: 1



  • Head west out of Southend and into the Anubian Camp.
  • When the path forks off, Take the left fork and kill the Anubian Jailors on the sides of the paths to free the Captives.
  • Return to Sir Lancelot after killing the Anubian Jailors.

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