Start NPC Meer Greenleaf
Start Location Corsica - SPM Original
Reward Copper27
Repeatable No EXP 106
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Return to Meer Greenleaf The Lost Journal

Unlocks Quest

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Oh this sample from the big one is quite interesting and disturbing. There is something dark at work here. Take these samples to Raji Redhoof. He has a small apothecary shop in town. He is much better versed in such things than I.

Completion: Greetings and good tidings. What is this? Hmmm..

Recommended Level: 4
Party Size: 1



Head back down the ramp and take a left on the cobblestone path. Raji Redhoof will be on the left, right in front of the building.
Talk to him to complete the quest.

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