This official Earth Eternal update is copyrighted by Sparkplay Media. It is a direct quote from the Earth Eternal website. This update dates to:

18 December 2009

Player Vaults

Example of a Player Vault.

Player vaults are personal storage spaces where you can stash your treasures, crafting components, or random junk! You'll find vaults in major towns and cities. Just right-click a Vault Keeper to get started.

Everybody gets 8 slots in their Vault, but you will need to purchase Vault space beyond that with Earth Eternal credits. Each Vault Expansion you purchase will free up 8 additional spaces up to a grand total of 120 spaces. Item stacks only take up one space, so if you have items of the same type be sure to stack them on top of each other.

All vaults are linked together (via magic) so you'll be able to access your belongings from any Vault Keeper in the world!

You'll also notice the delivery boxes in the Vault Interface. These delivery boxes gives us a system in which to send items to your character. You'll see these delivery boxes come into play in the near future.


How many credits will vault space cost?

200 credits for each set of 8 slots.

Where can I find Vault Keepers?

Vault Keepers can be found in every capital city and in major cities and towns.

Can I access my Vault on a different character?

No, all vaults are per character. Meaning each character has a seperate vault.

Can I expand my vault space by putting a backpack in a vault spot?

No, backpacks placed inside a vault spot will function as an item and not give additional space.


  • Originally , before Player Vaults were released , players were not going to get any spaces for free. Also the original set price was 500 credits for 8 spots.

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