Start NPC Oliver Wendel
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver5Copper85
Repeatable No EXP 3096
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None The Secret Stash!

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: You there! You the adventurous type? Up for some 'adventure'? Yes? Yes?
Ah yes, you see this key? Hmm, yes, shiny, right? Very shiny! It opens a little box! A very small box, but inside is big treasure! Big treasure! Problem is, I lost the box! I was in the swamp with the box looking for the key, you see? Then I found the key! But I also found some very grumpy undead, so I ran. When I was clear of the swamp, I took the key and was going to open the box - but no box!
Terrbile news, yes? Yes! So, s,o soooo.... If you go back to the undead ruins and find my box, then I can open it with the shiny key, yes? Do this for me and I will tell you a secret, yes? Yes!

Completion: You have it! Give it to me!!

Recommended Level: 18
Party Size:



  • Travel to the ruins in the swamp and search for Oliver's Treasure Box. All you know is it is somewhere in the old ruins.
    • The Treasure Box is a tiny cube which lies among with a broken barrel directly to the north of the quest marker.

This is what Oliver's Treasure Box looks like

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