Mushroom Isle Map

Mushroom Isle

Mushroom Isle is an island where new players begin their journey and learn basic gameplay through small number of quests. The explorable area of the Mushroom Isle is fairly small and being surrounded by invisible boundaries to keep the beginners from falling off to the shore. The rest of Mushroom Isle is composed of hilly terrain and giant purple mushrooms, making it impossible for players to explore.

Upon completion of all the quests in the island, players are expected to have learnt how to interact with objects and attack with your class' skills. They will also receive their first gear reward, a pair of Adventurer's Gloves.

Fixing the broken boat in the shore of the island will let you advance to "Old" Corsica . Advancing to "Old" Corsica will make Mushroom Isle inaccessible, so make sure to explore as much as you want.

There are no known instances or dungeons on the island. Prior to Patch 0.8.6, there were 46 shards on Mushroom Isle. Post-patch, there was only 1 shard, presumably for characters who were created but never progressed beyond the Fix Your Escape Boat quest.

Following Patch 0.8.6 Mushroom Isle was replaced with Bastion Island as a starter location.
Following the unofficial rebuild Mushroom Isle was reinstated.


Mushroom Isle

Mushroom Isle

Quest giversEdit

Interactive objectsEdit


Mushroom Isle questsEdit

  1. Welcome to Earth Eternal
  2. Wings of Fire
  3. Fix Your Escape Boat

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