Start NPC Grolmer Weiss
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver4Copper95
Repeatable No EXP 2854
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Delivery to the Crossroads Inn Delivery to Tall Grass Farm

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Perhaps you are more than just a deliverer of mead? Perhaps you could do something for me as well?

I make the finest Moonberry Pies you will ever taste! Sadly, I am out of Moonberries! So you see, if perchance you were not busy right now, maybe you could fetch me some? I will gladly pay you for only half a dozen Moonberries! You see, just a piece of one, prepared by me in a special way, will flavor even the most dreadful pie I could make into a Moonberry masterpiece! So, if you would please journey to the east. A short distance to the south, Moonberries grow openly in the fields just outside the swamp. Do be careful, there are dreadful things lurking all over that menacing field.

Completion: Ah-ho! Moonberries! You are simply a wondrous soul! Thank you!

Recommended Level: 18
Party Size: 1


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