Start NPC Fendle Walkabout
Reward Copper0
Repeatable no EXP 1894
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None Missing Adventurers: Kill the Beast
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Game Description Edit

Summary: Hail!I am Fendle Walkabout, adventurer and head of the Adventurer's Guild here in Listerm. Oh yes, Midlans is ripe for adventure. I mean, with all the bears around here!Bah!Bears!Hate the nasty beasts. They might be big, ferocious and loud, but i tell you, yes indeed, they can sneak right up on you and pounce!Hate bears - absolutely! You have arrived just in time. I could use some help. Two of our adventurers have gone missing. They had planned on a trip to the old coastal cave below the ruins in the north. In recent months, the entire place has been taken over by fiery-wolf beasts. Rough bunch they are, nearly as bad as the bears. There was talk of one of these wolves being humongous. Gyta and Jod, my missing adventurers, wanted to hunt the beast and return with the creature's head as a trophy. That was days ago. We have not seen nor heard from them since they left. I would ask you, would you go to the Coastal Cave and see if you can find my adventurers? I would go myself but i... Uhmm...My leg you see... just not up for adventuring, Yes, my leg!

Upon Completion: Oh thank Gaia you have come. That creature... was horrible. It killed Jod - I think it devoured hom whole!I ran for my life, but I was mauled by two more of the smaller beasts... I am fine, now. I have been trying to recover my strength to return to Listerm. I want revenge for my friend, though! Would you be my weapon? Would you kill the beast for me?

Recommended Level: 23
Party Size: 1

  • Search for Gyta and Jod

Walkthrough Edit

Very simple task just go to the marked area and talk to Gyta Gyron.

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