Start NPC Brunhild VonDame
Reward Silver6Copper75
Repeatable no EXP 3351
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None Midlands High-Fashion: Rumble Growl Fur Boots
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Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Greetings! Oh, you look like a brave one... Yes, you will do just fine. I am Brunhild VonDame, seamstress extraordinaire. I make the finest fashions in all of Midlands. My latest design requires some precious Taiga Wolf pelts. I will pay you well if you would bring me ten of these pelts. What do you say?

Completion: Wonderful! These will be perfect for my new line.

Recommended Level: 22
Party Size: 1


  • Collect 10 Taiga Wolf Pelts


Collect the Taiga Wolf Pelts from the Taiga Wolves in the marked zone, after you gather all return to Brunhild VonDame.

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