Start NPC Brunhild VonDame
Reward Silver6Copper75
Repeatable no EXP 3351
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Midlands High-Fashion: Taiga Wolf Hats Midlands High-Fashion: Delivery to Listerm
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Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Well, you did such a grand job of getting those wolf pelts, how about doing a spot of hunting for me, again? This time, I have an idea for making some lovely gloves and matching boots, but I need pelts from Rumble Growl Bears. They are ferocious creatures, but they have such silky fur. What do you say?

Completion: Again, you have not failed me. Oh, these are absolutely fabulous! Thank you!

Recommended Level: 22
Party Size: 1


  • Collect 10 Rumble Growl Bear Pelts

Walkthrough Edit

Self explanatory just kill 10 Bears in the marked area and then return to Brunhild Vondame.

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