Start NPC Thomas Hoffbeast
Reward Copper0
Repeatable no EXP 2368
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
The Unikorn Grove: Return to Baffle Gate Maintaining Relations: Travel to Bandit's Bluff
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Game Description Edit

Summary: This business with the grove is worrisome. We have good relations with the town, Listerm, to the south. In the interest of keeping up those relations, I would like you to take the news about the grove, both good and bad news, to Diether Blackeye, the mayor of Listerm.

Upon Completion: good day, friend. You have news from Baffle Gate? Ah,I see. Thomas was wise to send you along with this information for me. The aside, welcome to Listerm! Our town has all the amenities you will need. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Recommended Level: 23
Party Size: 1

Walkthrough Edit

Simple one just travel to Listerm and talk to Diether.

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