Start NPC Granger Strongbark
Reward Copper0
Repeatable no EXP 2897
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None None
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Game Description Edit

Summary: Friend, welcome. It is time for use to pay homage to our Mother Gaia. All who wish to show their respect to Gaia should make the pilgrimage. The rite is simple and meant to show your faith in Gaia's protection of this world. There are three braziers, one for each of the three towns here in Midlands. The pilgrimage is simply to light all three. One lays just beyond the city limits of Listerm. The other two are also just outside of the town propers of Baffle gate and Bandit's Bluff. If you wish to ensure Gaia's blessing, then simply light the three braziers. Once you have done, speak with Ceryn Yewl in Bandit's Bluff. Gaia's blessings go with you.

Upon Completion: You have arrived and I can see the light of Gaia's blessing surrounds you. You have done yourself a great service in showing our Mother Gaia devotion.

Recommended Level: 24
Party Size: 1

  • Light Listerm Prayer Brazier
  • Light Baffle Gate Prayer Brazier
  • Light Bandit's Bluff Prayer Brazier
  • Speak with Ceryn Yewl

Walkthrough Edit

This one is a bit long quest you have to Light the Brazier in the 3 marked areas i suggest to leave Bandit's Bluff one last because when you light all, you have to talk to Ceryn Yewl.

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