Start NPC Hank Glendale
Reward Silver6Copper30
Repeatable no EXP 3224
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None Glendale Goods: Bolt Horn Antlers
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Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Greeting to you. Welcome to Glendale Goods. I am Hank Glendale, at your service... ...or pehaps you can be of service to me? There has been a lot requests for Jali Blooms, lately. I cannot keep them in stock. Some fad to use them in biscuits, or some such thing! No matter to me, except that I am currently out of stock! They grow wild south of town. I would pay you well if you would bring me twelve Jali Blooms.

Completion: Let's see.. One.. Two... Three...Ah yes, you have all twelve. Here is you payment.

Recommended Level: 21
Party Size: 1


  • Gather 12 Jali Blooms


Collect the red flowers around the zone of the marker after you gather all 12 return to Hank Glendale.

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