Start NPC Karee Windtail
Start Location Midlands
Reward Silver6Copper30
Repeatable No EXP 3224
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Meet with Karee Windtail None

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: The grove here has gone very wrong. While it is grand that all the beasts are returning from the groves of Mother Gaia, it would seem all the evil of the world still lurks and is slowly returning to the world as well. I have been investigating the corruption of this grove. I am convinced this was done intentionally. I saw some strange totems in the grove - they are not natural. They seem to attract the Unikorns. Wherever the Unikorns go, corruption follows. You could help greatly by collecting some of the twisted growths that have sprouted up in and around the grove itself, and some Unikorn Horns. I believe I can cleanse the totems with these items. Yes, sometimes you have to fight corruption with tiny bits of corruption, itself.

Completion: Oh, thank you, this will help greatly.

Recommended Level: 21
Party Size: 1


  • Collect 10 Unikorn Horns
  • Gather 8 Twisted Growths
  • Return to Karee Windtail


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