Start NPC Merga Moonseer
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Copper81
Repeatable No EXP 644
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Elden's Special Treat None

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Ok ! Here we go... Shhhh! I hear spies! They are everywhere... ...listen! LISTEN!

Wait... ...hmmm.... Do you like eggs? I do not trust them! They are liars, I tell you, all of them...! I hate eggs!

Oh yes, the treats... Here take them... ...Jar of Fried Flies... ...they are so tasty and crunchy! Elden loves them! He is my best customer!

Remember, the moths have ears everywhere... ...the sounds of sparrows could be dragons in disguise... can never be too careful these days...

Completion: Oh thank Gaia! You have them. Now perhaps I can get back to Fort Stonehenge before Elden is too upset with me! Thank you friend! Farewell!

Recommended Level: 11
Party Size: 1



  • Just run to the quest marker as usual.
  • Talk to Aramere Gufflin to complete this quest.

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