This official Earth Eternal update is copyrighted by Sparkplay Media. It is a direct quote from the Earth Eternal website. This update dates to:

25 September 2009

Saturday, September 26th at 2 pm /PDT

This Saturday Earth Eternal will be having a stress test on our closed beta server and we need your help! The servers will be open starting at 10 AM on Saturday, September 26th. The official stress test begins at 2 PM.

Players who are logged on at 2 PM will receive this awesome war helm for their open beta character:

Be sure to log on early! If there are too many players attempting to log on at once, you will be placed in a queue. You need to be in the actual game world at 2 pm in order to qualify for the helm so be sure to get in early!

Still not in the Earth Eternal closed beta? Massively is handing out keys,

See you on Saturday!

--The Sparkplay Team--

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