Start NPC Gunnar DeBrahms
Reward Copper120

Flinch Stick, Smithershin Bow, Greybranch Bow or Pointers

Repeatable no EXP 2841
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Remains of the Maar: Goliath Mounds Remains of the Maar: Travel to Bandit's Bluff
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Game Description Edit

Summary: While you were gone, I was informed of another Goliath issue. His name is Donk... Well, that is what the locals call him. Normally quite passive, he would often wander near the outskirts of the town. I was told just now that he is on some kind of rampage on the southern road heading towards Grunes Tal, attacking anyone that wanders by. I am sad to say we should do away with him. While I wish the creature no ill will, we cannot have a giant Goliath attacking people on the road. Find Donk and put and end to him.

Upon Completion: Ah, poor Donk. We did the right thing, though. Thank you for help and please accept this reward.

Recommended Level: 23
Party Size: 2

  • Kill Donk

Walkthrough Edit

Easy task just go to the maked area and kill Donk, he is a lvl 23 Heroic mob i suggest you to take a damamge dealer and a healer for it after that return to Gunnar

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