Start NPC Sir Lancelot
Start Location Bastion
Reward Copper45
Repeatable No EXP 159
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Speak to Sir Lancelot Defeat Warlord Scarrus

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description:: The evil Archmage Ramses has sent his troops to wipe us out. We cannot let that happen! We need to deal a blow to the Anubian catapult barrage in order to clear a path to the enemy warlord's encampment.

The Anubians are attempting to set up more catapults to the north. Go there and burn a catapult to the ground!

Completion: I could see the black smoke rising through the air from here. Well done!

Suggested Level: 2
Suggested Players: 1



Sparkplay Media Release (Archived)Edit

Destroy the Catapults - SPM Original

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