Start NPC Sir Lancelot
Start Location Bastion
Reward Copper6 and Standard Issue Mace or Standard Issue Knife
Repeatable No EXP 277
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Destroy the Catapults - SPM Original Take the Boat to Corsica - SPM Original

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description:: We've crippled the Anubians' manpower and firepower. Now we must deliver the final blow and kill their field general, Warlord Scarrus. He is one of Archmage Ramses' most trusted advisors.

Warlord Scarrus is located in the Anubian camp atop the hill to the north. Go there and put an end to this vile dog!

Completion: Well done! Without their general, it is only a matter of time before we fully retake Bastion.

Suggested Level: 3
Suggested Players: 1



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