Start NPC Bran Kirger
Reward Gold0 Copper82
Repeatable no EXP 1931
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None None
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Game Description Edit


Hail. I am in dire need of asssistance friend. Do you have time to hear my plea?

My sons are now dead. Killed by the deceitful cult of Zaraster! My sons were young and naive. They became involved in the Hand of Zaraster. At first I thought it was just yet another way for them to rebel against me but soon I began to fear for their very souls. Razlen Zaraster is a monster. He entraps young innocent minds in his web of lies - he has some kind of mind control! Alas he led both my boys to their deaths and for this I want the entire Hand of Zaraster destroyed.

They occupy several camps across Anglorum. I ask that you kill the three organizers: Oglan Ironhead, Granger Lashley and Blanche Marin. Once you have returned their vile souls to Gaia I ask that you confront and kill Razlen Zaraster himself. I do warn you though - Razlen is a powerful mage. If you truly seek to end his life you must bring friends to aid you.

I can offer little in return other than some weapons I have collected over the years and my eternal gratitude.

Could you do this for me?

Upon Completion:

  • Coming Soon!

Recommended Level: 24

Party Size: 1


Walkthrough Edit

Rewards Edit

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