Start NPC Teressa Doomfeather
Start Location Anglorum
Reward Silver5Copper85
Repeatable No EXP 3096

Quest DescriptionEdit

Description: Doom! Doom! Doom is what I sees! For you nothing but the dooms! A darkest darkness - a lifetime of pain and suffering! But wait! Yes, I know just how you can prevents the dooms! Bring me a Glindergloom! You heards me, bring me a Glindergloom, or you will forever face the dooms!

Completion: What? What is this? A wand? A WAND? I told you to bring me a Glindergloom! A tasty mushroom is the only way to chase away the dooms! Hmm...though this is quite a nice wand! I guess you went through quite a bit of trouble to get this. Take this key and I will trade you this wand for one of the precious things I keep inside my box of treasures...but you are still doomed!

Recommended Level: 20
Party Size: 1


  • Search the library for information
  • Obtain a Petrified Twig
  • Obtain a Perfect Ruby Eye of Earth
  • Obtain a Black Lich Toe Bone
  • Use the Putrefied Urn to make a Glindergloom
  • Return to Teressa Doomfeather


    • The Petrified Twig can be found around the runestones. (Middle of the north part of the swamp)
    • The Perfect Ruby Eye can be found at the east side of the northern swamp from a monster named Grohlum
    • The Black Lich is in the Ruined Castle, to get in there you have to complete The Broken Tower (The Amulet)
    • When you kill the Lich you will get the next objective in this quest and you will complete another Broken Tower quest, get the next Broken Tower quest to be able to enter it.


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