Main Storyline Edit

  1. The Unikorn Grove: Meet with Karee Windtail
  2. The Unikorn Grove: Gathering Corruption
  3. The Unikorn Grove: Cleansing the Totems
  4. The Unikorn Grove: Return to Baffle Gate
  5. Maintaining Relations: Travel to Listerm
  6. Maintaining Relations: Travel to Bandit's Bluff
  7. Spibears Everywhere: Meet with Gaelon Scree
  8. Spibears Everywhere: Thinning Their Numbers
  9. Spibears Everywhere: Ursarach

Sidequests Edit

Level 21 Edit

Level 22 Edit

Level 23 Edit

Level 24 Edit

Level 25 Edit

Level 26 Edit

Bounty Boards Edit

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