Main StorylineEdit

Note: The main storyline can be broken down into "Location based" stages.

  1. Secret Tunnel Exit
    1. Wayside Warcamp (quest) - Note: This quest may or may not exist based on your game version.
  2. Wayside Warcamp
    1. Sek the Slavemaster
    2. Speak with Karn Vallen
    3. The Gate: Gathering the Components
    4. The Gate: End the Threat
    5. The Anubian Captains
    6. Travel to Highpoint
  3. Highpoint
    1. The Summoner and the Beast
    2. The Road to Earthend
  4. Earthend
    1. Speak with Merlin
    2. The Assault: Reclaiming Earthend! - Instance
    3. Travel to Anglorum


Bounty BoardsEdit


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