Main StorylineEdit

Note: The main storyline can be broken down into "Location based" stages.

  1. "Old" North Beach (1)
    1. Speak with Sir Lancelot
    2. Trouble in Corsica!
    3. Plant Samples
    4. The Vilegrove
  2. "Old" Vile Grove
    1. Ferngar!
    2. Return to Meer Greenleaf
  3. "Old" North Beach (2)
    1. Raji the Mage
    2. The Lost Journal
    3. The Strange Device
    4. Anglor Dren - Instance quest
    5. Speak with Sir Lancelot (2)
    6. Travel to Southend
  4. "Old" Southend
    1. Anubian Scouts!
    2. Travel to the Wayside Warcamp

Side QuestsEdit

Bounty BoardsEdit

Note: These may or may not exist based on your game version

"Old" North BeachEdit

"Old" SouthendEdit

  • Bounty: Greenshell Crab
  • Bounty: Quackatrice

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