..allow me to welcome you to our fair city of Camelot. ~ Grand Druid Lunast


A map of Camelot.

Camelot Clocktower



Camelot is the first major city that players encounter. It lies in the southeast side of Anglorum, and is home to King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. It is also the home to the Master Crafter that sells high level plans.


Quest GiversEdit



Side QuestsEdit



(The following are located in the marketplace area)

  • Mara Hur <Reagent Merchant>
  • Kristov Blade-Turner <Weapon Merchant> (Level 12, 13, 15 items)
  • Martin Bestfeather <Weapon Merchant> (Level 20 items)
  • Krispin Kohnerr <Weapon Merchant> (Level 20, 25 items)
  • Christophyr Furlong <Armor Merchant> (Level 13, 15 items)
  • Stefan Bloomingfield <Armor Merchant> (Level 20, 25 items)
  • Ricardo DeZinnias <Armor Merchant> (Level 25 items)
  • Spiro Xandrius <Craft Artisan>
  • Gwynnith Starfury <Crafting Merchant>
  • Crighton Barheel <Container Merchant>
  • Argus Milentius <Master Crafting Merchant>
  • Mattias Hiamley <Armor Refashioner>
  • Chester Golding <Vault Keeper> - In a building in the northwest corner of Camelot.
  • Lara Shilling <Vault Keeper> - In a building in the northwest corner of Camelot.
  • Waylon Softpaw <Vault Keeper> - In a building in the northeast corner of Camelot.
  • Brie Marington <Vault Keeper> - In a building in the northeast corner of Camelot.


  • Thomas Baybrier (generic civilian)
  • Alexis Cavston (generic civilian)
  • Kinsley Kuhn (generic civilian)
  • Emre Lewon (generic civilian)
  • Patrick Drailings (generic civilian)
  • Jackie Hayes (generic civilian)
  • Rohoth Ravi (generic civilian)
  • Sliqi Chan (generic civilian)
  • Landon Wickets (generic civilian)
  • Nate Sidney (generic civilian)
  • Billy James (generic civilian)
  • Christoph Landings (generic civilian)
  • Jess Richert (generic civilian)
  • Ramir Dolabar (generic civilian)
  • Squire McRae (generic civilian)
  • City Watch (generic guard)
  • Lieutenant Moore (generic guard)
  • Master Sergeant Lucas (generic guard)
  • Quartermaster Harold (generic guard)
  • Sir Erik Benson
  • Queen Guinevere - in Camelot Castle in an instanced location called Camelot Chamber

Bounty BoardsEdit

Token: Camelot Bounty Token

Bounty Board RewardsEdit

(4 Tokens needed for each item)

  • Bounty Hunter Shirt
    • Chest
    • Armor:35
    • +2 Psy
    • +3 Spi
  • Bounty Hunter Sleeves
    • Arms
    • Armor:14
    • +1 Psy
    • +1 Spi
  • Bounty Hunter Tunic
    • Chest
    • Armor:35
    • +2 Str
    • +3 Dex
  • Bounty Hunter Armbands
    • Arms
    • Armor:14
    • +1 Str
    • +1 Dex

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