Bastion Map

New player area: Bastion

Bastion is the starter area where the new players of Earth Eternal will begin their journey and learn the basics of the game through a small number of quests. Bastion Island is particularly small and is surrounded by natural boundaries to prevent beginners from straying too far from the main objectives, making the explorable area fairly small.

After completing all the quest on the island, players are expected to have learned how to interact with objects and NPCs, along with the basics of combat. Players also receive their first gear reward, Standard Issue Gloves.

In the last quest, players will be required to talk to Captain Karl to advance to 'New' Corsica or 'Old' Corsica. Once you leave Bastion Island, you will be unable to return, so be sure to pick up on as much as you can while you're in Bastion.

Bastion has a total of three (3) shards and no known dungeons.

Anubians have landed on Bastion Island! New recruits are needed to help defend against the new Anubian threat. New recruits will start of within a small encampment on the island, over looking the battle with the Anubian army. Our new recruits will be asked to help defend the island against the new Anubian threat.





Quest GiversEdit




  • Bastion Outpost

Sparkplay Media Release (Archives)Edit

Bastion - SPM Original

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