Aggressiveness refers to the behaviours of various creatures in Earth Eternal when in close promixity to players. There are three different levels of hostility, or agression. Aggressive or Hostile, Passive or Neutral, and Friendly.

Aggressive or hostile creatures will attack players when they are within a certain range. These aggressive creatures can be particularly dangerous in a multi-combat area with multiple creatures. All agressive creatures will have their names in red. The higher the level difference the greater or smaller the agression range is.

Example: If you are three levels above the aggressive mob, it's range of aggression would be smaller than it would if you were three levels below the level of the mob in question.

Non-aggressive, or passive, creatures will not attack players unless they are attacked first. The names of passive creatures will be displayed in yellow.

In order for this type of creature to attack you, you must first make an attempt to attack it. If you were to miss or if your spell fails, it will still come after you.

Friendly creatures and NPCs cannot be attacked and will not attack the player.

These creatures have their name in green. These NPCs are your guards, quest givers, and merchants.

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