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New Armor Set - Merlins Vestments! 12.02.09 ::

Merlin's Vestments

This charming robe is perfect for the mage on the go. Crafted from the finest silks in Heartwood, Merlin's Vestments is a perfect complement to those who dabble in the magical arts. You can find Merlins Vestments under the "NEW" tab in the EE Shop.

Reduced Prices on Charms

Ready for a Charm-ing deal? The prices of charms have been drastically cut! Single-day, dual-stat charms are available for 80 credits! Monthly charms have been removed from the shop and Permanent charms have had their prices reduced as well! Dual-Stat permanent charms are now only 2000 credits (66% savings) while Single-Stat permanent charms are now only 1200 credits (60% savings). Check out these killer savings in the EE Shop!
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